Cz Purlin Roll Forming Machine

This fully automatic CZ roll forming machine is produced by Linbay Machinery. The working thickness range is 1.5mm-3.5mm(gearbox drive), width range is 80-300mm, height range is 40-80mm. With one machine you can make multisizes product. It's a practical and economic machine in steel frame industry.
Now in China there are 3 types of C/Z purlin quick changeable machine in market from profile C to profile Z. The oldest generation is you need to manually swift 18 forming rollers, the secound generation is you only need to swift 4 forming stations, the newest one is automatically swift rollers by motor. Linbay offers the secound generation and newest CZ purlin roll forming machine.
In this video this machine has newest technology that no need to manually switch between C profile and Z proflie, it can be converted directly by motor on the control cabinet through the touch screen. Similarly, the width, height, and length of the lip can be adjusted on the control cabinet. Multiple servo motors on the forming machine can ensure accuracy and efficiency.
The cutting part uses tracking universal shears. This cutting method can be adjusted according to the size of profile, all sizes only need one set of cut. Shearing and forming are carried out simultaneously without downtime, maximizing production efficiency.
Besides, in this machine base if we add 4 forming stations, we could make one more profile: sigma profile.
This is a typical C/Z purlin roll forming machine, driven by chain. Automatically change profile sizes by input size datas at touch screen.


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