Dlr Roll Forming Machine

This is a double-layer roof panel roll forming machine with automatic palletizing machine. Linbay exported this roof panel roll forming machine to Nigeria.
The flow chart of this machine is hydraulic decoiler-broaching tool-feeding-double layer roll former-hydraulic cut-auto stacker.
One suggestion for all customers: we always suggest hydraulic decoiler for customers. It's easy to put the coil on and when the machine feeds steel, it won't damage the steel.
This line equipped with a full-automatic broaching tool for feeding, when you need to change feeding coil width or change raw material, it is more convenient and saves steel. Compared to manual broaching tool, it's faster and work with less burrs and high precision.
This roof panel machine can produce two profiles. It could be two different corrugated panel profiles, or one corrugated panel with one sinusoidal panel or one roof tile with one corrugated panel. You can choose two profiles according to your needs. So it's very flexible and efficient, and cost-effective.
The receiving part LINBAY uses automatic palletizing machine, the length is 6m.
High degree of automation, convenient and fast, reducing labor costs.
Linbay exported to this double layer roof panel roll forming machine to Mexico. This machine produce TR-101 and O-100 profiles, which are very commen and popular in American market.


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