Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

This is a fully automatic perforated cable tray roll forming machine, exported by Linbay Machinery to Argentine.
This production line can produce perforated cable tray and its corresponding cover with a thickness range of 0.8-1.5mm and a width range of 100-600mm.The cable tray of this structure has good heat dissipation, and can effectively protect the cable from being scratched when laying the cable over a long distance. All rollers on the roll forming machine are made of Cr12 material and use chrome plating technology, which can effectively protect the surface of the cable tray from being scratched.
The roll former is equipped with a servo motor. Together with the Siemens PLC control cabinet, both sides of the cantilever structure frame can be automatically moved to adjust the width. Compared with the traditional manual adjustment, its accuracy and convenience are greatly improved. Linbay provides stable roll forming production of high-quality, high-precision.
This cable tray has a design similar to OBO's cable tray, which has an active demand in European market.
The production line can produce both of cable tray and cover in one machine, this smart technology saves money and space for customer. We use lubrication system at the feeding part of machine to make the finished product has no scratches, specially for galvanized steel.
Using Yangli brand high-speed punch press, the production speed can reach 10m / min. The punch mold uses the type of continuous die to achieve the embossing hole by multiple punchings, which can improve the aesthetics and use strength of the product.
The cutting method adopts automatic flyinging cutting, which can complete the cutting without stopping the machine, so that the entire line always maintains the highest speed. Besides, it's not only for cut, it has a hydraulic function which can make a shrink at the beginning of the cable tray to connect with each other.
This cable tray roll forming machine is suitable for thickness 1.5-2mm. This kind of heavy duty cable tray is used in special occasions like nuclear power plant, extremely cold area. It withstands a magnitude-8 earthquake and has a good heating diffusion and anti-corrosion performance.
We have made 2 lines for Chinese customer and 1 line for Indonesia customer, this cable tray is more and more popular in market recently.
Linbay also has exported cable tray roll forming machine to Australia. In Australian market, the cable tray thickness is around 0.55mm but with its well-designed, this light duty cable tray has a big strength grade.
Our cable tray production line working with Yangli brand punch press, although the perforated type is complicate, the working speed can still reach 15m/min.


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