Machine Maintenance

Daily maintenance with meticulous care plays an important part in extension the equipments’ operation time and the quality of rolling plank. Therefore, please do the following things in your daily production and usage.

1. Add and daub lube often to the outside parts. (Such as driving chain)

2. Wipe the surface dust of roller often and particularly work outside. If you do not use it for long time ,you should daub machine and lube in the roller surface and you need clean it when you use next time.img

3. If the equipment does not use for long time, you should use plastics cloth or other articles to cover it and notice to avoid rain and damp, especially electrical controlling box

4. Cutting should add lube to the places where need lube to the request

5. Usually look into hydraulic station and the oil quantity of deceleration machine you should add in time when oil quantity shortage

6.To electric appliances box and every leads conjunction circumstance, you should check usually and clean the dust。

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