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  • Google helps us go further

    Google helps us go further

    Our company is very honored to be selected by Google as one of Google’s second A program companies, the program is dedicated to helping export-oriented manufacturing enterprise achieve low cost, high conversion multi orders. At 1:30 pm on December 18th, our representative went to the Google Adver...
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  • Russian customer big contract

    Russian customer big contract

    Also last year, we have signed contract with a Russian company, they purchase two lines of automatic cable tray roll forming machine with size from 50-600mm of width, it’s a complicated profile with many punching holes, a italian type cable tray product. These two lines can easily change wi...
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  • Spanish customer received his machine satisfactorily

    Spanish customer received his machine satisfactorily

    In 2017, we took orders from Spanish customers to OEM a corrugated 90 degree sheer roll forming machine.This is different from the ordinary corrugated roll forming machine, the 90 degree corrugated sheet needs very high precision in our machine. After the unremitting efforts of the engineers, aft...
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