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    Din rail roll forming machine is to produce DIN rail for electrical cabinet, which is widely used for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control equipment inside equipment racks. Machinable materials usually are Zinc-plated steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel etc with sheet thickness 1 - 1.5mm.

    Normally Din rail roll forming machine produce one size, but in our Argentine case we offer a double row roll forming machine, it could be more economic and competitive when you need produce two or more size, also we could make triple-row if you have one more size. Line working speed could reach 30m/min.

    Our machine could produce DIN rails meet different standard and series in different countries:

    ⚫ IEC / EN 60715 - 35×7.5

    ⚫ IEC / EN 60715 - 35×15

    ⚫ EN 50022 in Europe

    ⚫ BS 5585 or BS 5584 in British

    ⚫ DIN 46277 in German

    ⚫ AS 2756.1997 in Australia

    ⚫ USA series: TS35, TS15

    ⚫ Argentina series: NS35

    ⚫ C section series: C20, C30, C40, C50

    ⚫ G section series: EN 50035 G32

    Linbay make different solutions according to customers’ drawing, tolerance and budget, offering professional one-to-one service, adaptable for your every need. Whichever line you choose, the quality of Linbay Machinery will ensure you obtain perfectly functional profiles.



    Din rail roll forming machine (2)


    Din rail roll forming machine


    Real Case A

    Din rail roll forming machine


    This DIN rail roll forming machine could make 4 types of NS35 Series Din rail, very economic and competitive. In this case, we use a double row structure to produce 2 different sizes, no need to change any parts of machine, everyone could operate it with no difficulty. We could also offer you a faster line, whose line speed can reach 30m/min.

    Whole Production Line of Din Rail Roll Forming Machine

    Din rail roll forming machine (3)

    Technical Specifications

    DIN Rail Roll Forming Machine



    Optional performance

       Machinable Material :    A) Zinc-plated steel  Thickness(MM): 1-1.5
       B) Aluminum
       C) Stainless steel
       Yield strength :    250 - 550 Mpa
       Tensil stress :    G250 Mpa-G550 Mpa
       Decoiler :    Manual decoiler  * Hydraulic decoiler (Optional)
       Punching system :    Hydraulic punching station  * Punching press (Optional)
       Forming station :    10 stands  * According to your profile drawings
       Main machine motor brand :    Shanghai Dedong (Sino-Germany Brand)  * Siemens (Optional)
       Driving system :    Chain drive  * Gearbox drive  (Optional)
       Machine structure:    Wall panel station  * Cast Iron (Optional)
       Forming speed:    10-20 (M/MIN)  * Or according to your profile drawings
       Rollers’ material :    Steel #45  * GCr 15 (Optional)
       Cutting system :    Post-cutting  * Pre-cutting (Optional)
       Frequency changer brand :    Yaskawa  * Siemens (Optional)
       PLC brand :    Panasonic  * Siemens (Optional)
       Power supply :    380V 50Hz 3ph  * Or according to your requirment
       Machine color :    Industrial blue  * Or according to your requirment

    Purchase Service

    purchase service


    1. Q: What kinds of experience do you have in producing DIN rail roll forming machine?

    A: We have experience of exporting our Din rail roll formers to America, Mexico, Russia and Philippines etc. We have produced variety of Din rail roll forming machines which can produce such as Top hat rail (IEC/EN 60715, TS35), C section rails (C20, C30, C40, C50), G section rails (EN 50035, BS 5825, DIN46277-1).


    2. Q: How many sizes can be made in one machine?

    A: We can produce double-row, even triple -row DIN rail roll forming machine, so it can produce two or more sizes.


    3. Q: What is delivery time of din rail roll forming machine?

    A: 30 days to 50 days depends on your drawing.


    4. Q: What is your machine speed?

    A: Machine’s working speed depends on drawing specially punch drawing. Normally forming speed is around 20m/min. if you want a higher speed like 40m/min, we give you a solution with rotary punch system, which punch speed is up to 50m/min.


    5. Q: How could you control your machine’s precision and quality?

    A: Our secret to producing such precision is that our factory has its own production line, from punching molds to forming rollers, each mechanical part is completed independently by our factory self. We strictly control the accuracy at each step from design, processing, assembling to quality control, we refuse to cut corners.


    6. Q: What is your after-sales service system?

    A: We don’t hesitate to give you a 2 years warranty period for whole lines, 5 years for motor: If there will be any quality problems caused by non-human factors, we will
    handle it immediately for you and we will be ready for you 7X24H. One purchase, lifetime care for you.

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