Scaffolding Plank Roll Forming Machine

This embossing scaffold plank roll forming machine is exported to Korea. The production line has a decoiling and leveling integrated machine with a loading car, which is convenient for loading steel coils and save space.After the steel coil passes through the embossing machine, there will be a non-slip and beautiful pattern. Here according to customer's drawing, we could make skidproof punch holes instead of embossing.
The roll former uses 60mm thickness cast iron structure and gearbox drive. So this line can make scaffold panel thickness up to 3mm. And the production width can be adjusted by changing sleeving. In this video, we put the lifter at cast iron stations, synchronize the adjusting of thickness. The operator can pre-input 5 sets product parameters on the PLC control cabinet, which is flexible, convenient and highly automated. The method of flying cut ensures that the production is not stopped, the production capacity is maximized.After the finished product is overlapped, it has high flatness, high strength and beautiful appearance.
This is a perforated scaffold plank roll forming machine. We used embossing hole to achieve the effect of anti-slip. Twi ribs in the bottom increase the strength and loading capacity.


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