Upright Rack Roll Forming Machine

This one is multi-size upright rack roll forming machine from Linbay Machinery. We exported to Egypt.We adopted servo feeder system to control the accuracy of punch hole position. Big power hydraulic punch system is more economic but also has an acceptable speed.
The machine has a cast iron structure and it is driven by gearbox, which is stable at high speed during production, and whole line has a long working life.
The main feature of this machine is that the width can be adjusted by changing sleeves to produce multi-size racks.The size can be changed within half an hour, which is convenient as well. In video it's a manual way, also we could make it as automatic change by motors.
The use of flying hydraulic cut in the shear part ensures that the entire production process can be carried out without downtime and with maximum productivity.
Multiple sizes can be cut by changing blades. Post cut is better for rack section, that means the finished rack will have a more beautiful profile and exact size.
This roll forming machine production line was exported to Pakistan, the machine has motors to change width and height automatically, input the size of upright rack you want, then the machine structure will move by motors to its position. Easy to use.
Torri stands structure is suitable for light gauge upright rack. it's more economic compared by cast iron stands. Driven by chain with flying shear to get a fast speed.


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