Shipment to El Salvador

On 8th Septembr, 2022, LINBAY MACHINERY shipped three production lines to El Salvador: a C channel machine with automatic width change, an economical machine for strut channel and a machine for corrugated roof panels. Thanks to the trust and support of our Salvadoran customer, LINBAY MACHINERY has become the largest supplier of roll forming machines in El Salvador. LINBAY MACHINERY is a reliable manufacturer of roll forming machines, if you are interested, please contact us for further cooperation.

41x41 41x21 unistrut channel solar stents 3-4m slotted roll forming machine

Galvanized CU channel High speed Automatic steel framing roll forming machine

Galvalum roof panel trapezoidal roofing sheet roll forming machine electric cut

shipment of roll forming machine

Post time: Sep-15-2022

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