LINBAY-Export Corrugated Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine to Indonesia

On 30th of August 2020, Linbay machinery loaded the corrugated roof panel roll forming machine. This machine will be shipped to Indonesia on 2nd of September 2020. From the design and production to the delivery date, we only takes 43 days. It’s a fast and efficient order.

Linbay puts new technology at this corrugated roof panel machine, we adopt electric cutting system instead of hydraulic cutting system. It has good cutting performance for thin panels (0.3-0.6mm). The cutting system uses a 4KW motor, compared to the hydraulic cutting system, it doesn’t need hydraulic oil, maintain the hydrovalves, it’s easy to use and no worries about the maintenance. Besides, the cutting system has a 4 columns structure, so it’s more stable when it works compared to the old version. The cutting speed is higher as well, now it’s up to 1.5s per cut, effectively shorten the shearing time and greatly improve the production capacity. We’ve exported to many other countries with this new mature technology.

Linbay is the best choice of roll forming solution, if you are also interested in it. Please feel free to contact with me.



Corrugated Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine


Corrugated Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine


Electric Cutting System


Shipping Photo

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Post time: Aug-31-2020

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