The advantages of Servo motor and its application in Roll Forming Machine

Servo motors can be used in spark machines, manipulators, precision machines, etc. It can be equipped with 2500P/R high-resolution standard encoder and tachometer at the same time, it also can be equipped with a reduction gear box, so that the mechanical equipment can bring reliable accuracy and high torque.

Compared with other motors, servo motors have the following advantages:

1. High precision: Achieve the closed-loop control of position, speed and torque; overcome the step-out problem of stepper motor; comes with encoder to improve production accuracy.

2. Fast speed: good high-speed performance, generally its rated speed can reach 2000 ~ 3000 rpm;

3. Strong anti-overload capability: can withstand a load three times than the rated torque, especially suitable for occasions with instant load fluctuations and quick start requirements;

4. Good stability: the low-speed operation is stable, and the low-speed operation will not produce a stepping phenomenon similar to the stepper motor. Suitable for occasions with high-speed response requirements;

5. Quick start and stop: the dynamic response time of the motor acceleration and deceleration is short, generally within tens of milliseconds;

6. Comfort: the heat phenomenon and noise are significantly reduced. Work efficiency is over 80%, reduce the heat phenomenon and extend service life.

In the roll forming machine, Linbay usually uses the servo motor under the following conditions:

1. High speed roll forming machine that the forming speed requires to be over 30m/min,  we usually use a servo motor as the main power of roll forming machine.

2. We use the servo motor when the roll forming production line is equipped with a flying shear.

3. Equipped with servo motor and reducer in front of the punching device to ensure the accuracy of feeding and punching position.

4. Using servo motor to complete automatic centering in the guiding device.

In the selection of the servo motor brand, Linbay chooses the world-class Japanese brand Yaskawa to provide a double guarantee of brand and quality, you do not have any worries after sales.

Linbay is your best choice of roll forming solution.

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Post time: Jul-16-2020

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