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  • Floor deck TR80 roll forming machine

    Floor deck TR80 roll forming machine

    Description On 28th of January, 2021, LINBAY MACHINERY shipped our TR80+ metal deck roll forming machine to Iraq. Floor deck profile TR80+ is a popular British profile drawing, nominal thickness is 0.9mm, 1mm and 1.2mm. Normally the customer uses S350 or S450 steel material. The depth of profile is 80/92mm. This 80mm deep trapezoidal profile offers long un-propped spans reducing the number of structural support members required, making it a popul...
  • Conformadora de Vigacero

    Conformadora de Vigacero

    Description Vigacero es un prefil muy importante en el sistema de techo aligerado en Perú. Vigacero se apoya sobre las vigas primetrales de concreto, vigas metálicas o placas de contreto y junto con casetones de EPS tecnopor, malla te temperatura y contreto forman yn diafragma rídigo. Este techo es más ediciente, tiene menos huella de carbono, ahorra masa sísmica y utiliza menos litros de agua que otros sistemas, por ello ya se uti...
  • Door/Window Frame Roll Forming Machine

    Door/Window Frame Roll Forming Machine

    Description Linbay Door frame roll forming machine is suitable for any kind of metal door frame, for example: fire rated door, safety door, sliding door, industry door and interior door etc. Machinable steel material can be zinc-coated steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel. Galvanized door frame machine is more popular during our customers. Thickness range could be 0.6- 1.2mm or 1.2-1.6mm(heavy duty) and Gauge 14/16/18. Here are some profiles ...
  • Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

    Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

    Description Roofing system roll forming machine has a big range of metal sheet profiles. It includes trapezoidal panel, corrugated panel, roof tile panel, metal deck panel, standing seam panel, K span panel and ridge cap. Its products are widely used in roof and wall system in workshop construction and housing construction. Our metal deck roll forming machine could produce floor deck, roof deck, form deck and vigacero (more popular in Peru) acc...

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